Saturday July 20 , 2019

About the Book

Effective and efficient supply chain management is vitally important in today’s global competitive business environment. Moving product more efficiently through all stages of manufacturing, ordering, and distribution provides companies with a distinct advantage in the marketplace. “Supply Chain Management: The Real WOW Factor” delves into the critical elements needed to succeed in business, grow volume, improve profits, and of course delight customers and consumers around the world.


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This book is structured in a four part modular format. Each module can be read independently and all are related. Part I, It’s Alive: Global Supply Chain Evolution, outlines four strategic approaches which help turn an internally focused supply network to a responsive competitive business entity, while delivering shareholder value across trading partners. Part II, Measuring and Managing Supply Chains, focuses on the “capital M” management aspects of transformational change. All grand strategic platforms devolve into real work, and the text in this part keeps it very simple. Part III, Developing Markets: What They Really Are and How You Can Be Successful in Them, paints a picture of the complexities of managing supply networks in markets which represent about two-thirds of the world’s population and most of its growth. In this part a number of important concepts are brought forward, but none more critical than shelf back pricing, low cost network solutions, and action planning. It also provides profound insights into managing and leading in a culture that is not your own. Part IV, What it Takes to Win in Business Today … No Kidding!, takes the approach that effective managing and leading coupled with sound coaching and training are prerequisites for winning in today’s marketplace. Guidance is provided on how to combine Eastern and Western thinking, balance both and how to create change while existing in an ever-changing world.

Every business entity has supply chains where information, cash, and products or services flow between suppliers and customers. Hence, the audience for this book is broad. Use it as reference material, a textbook, or a training manual for your business and enjoy it - through the technical aspects of Supply Chain Management and the many experiences and stories that exist in its pages.