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William D. Peace Jr. is not only a world-renowned businessman, but also a great father and tremendous problem-solver. He was always the person to turn to whenever a problem arose. For over thirty years, my dad was an asset to Procter & Gamble in many ways. He started working for the company right out of Purdue University as a shift team manager in manufacturing and successfully made his way to becoming a director in global product supply. In thirty-two years, he led countless operations and projects and implemented many programs that furthered the efficiency and effectiveness of P&G. He retired in 2007 to focus on other aspects of his life. He is now a business consultant, guest lecturer at many universities, and one of the leaders of the Executives for the Extraordinary (E4E) team who works with World Vision Foundation of Thailand to build schools and libraries in Southeast Asia for children in need. He always goes above and beyond what is expected of him with a great attitude and a hilarious personality. I am proud to be his daughter.

My dad resides, in bliss, in Singapore and Thailand with his wife, Nathaya Chareon, in the winter months, and in Michigan when the weather is warmer in America. Apart from me, he has another daughter, Megan, two grandchildren, Carson and Kate, and a son, Jonathan.
Jennifer F. Peace, recent graduate of THE Ohio State University

A Footnote from Father
One of my greatest joys in life, and I have been blessed with many, has been watching our son’s development from boyhood through adolescence to adulthood with an eagerness to accomplish his goals while maintaining a great sense of humor. Bill has never been afraid of hard work since his first out-of-home job at the age of eight, leading up to the position of foreman in high school at a local landscaping company. He carried on through college and into a very successful career with one of the world’s leading companies - Procter & Gamble.

One of his many outstanding traits has been to always give others credit. It is very difficult not to like this very accomplished man of business.

From reading his book, “Supply Chain Management: The Real Wow Factor”, I was again blown away with his depth of knowledge and ability to translating it into practice. No father and mother could be prouder than we are. To me, the real WOW factor in this book is a guy named Bill Peace Jr.

William D. Peace Sr.
Retired - Vice President and Director
National - Standard Company

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