Saturday August 17 , 2019


Throughout the almost thirty-two years with P&G, I stood on the wings on eagles. The following people helped make those years a wonderful experience, professionally and personally. I credit them for all they do and have done to make this world a better place to live and work. Thank you all: Virgie Anselmo, Rajesh Achanta, Patrick Arlequeeuw, Regina Aaron, Jake Barr, Andy Buteux, Kathy Blair-Johnson, Sue Breniman, Chip Bergh, Elmer Beale, Don Bechtel, Rich Bartosic, Ceejay Bate, Jan Beunder, Dominique Barral, Nathaya Chareon, Pricilla Chia, Brad Comerford, Dick Clark, Charles Chambers, Linda Collier, George Christensen, Johnip Cua, Joanne Crewes, Abhay Dharwadkar, Ralph Drayer, Carol Fusek, Diana Fox, Mary Anne Gale, Phil Gibson, Melo Hamada, Keith Harrison, Parinda Hasdarngkul, John Henry, Rick Hayward, Randy Hopkins, Dick Heydt, Ron Harriman, Mitch Holt, Ed Imperial, Michael Jones, Vinitaa Jayson, Lamar Johnson, Bob Keehn, John Kazi, Ron Kuehnle, Mei Lin Khoo, Garry Kuyper, Paul Klotz, A. G. Lafely, Charles Lim, Nancy Lindemood, Stu Lord, Dave Lombardo, Jim Levesque, Tina Lawson, Dolores Makalinao, PV Mahajan, Daniel Myers, Bob McDonald, Scott McKeown, Sachin Mirashi, Derek Middleton, Ken McWhorter, Bill O’Connor, John Pepper, Stu Poll, LN Prasad, Dan Price, Glen Prasser, Jeanne Reisinger, Travis Rushing, Charlene Stocker, Debbie Stein, Phil Sheehey, Greg Stuart, Nancy Slater, John Steiner, Wes Smith, Tony Turnbull, Ed Thompson, Mindy Umbarger, PV Venkatram, Glenn Wegryn, Peter Williams, Greg White, Phil Wood, Mayleng Wong, Cindy Yates, Louise Yates-Rock, and Carol Zech.

I would like to credit other important people for their contribution to the book: Simon Ee for his coaching on Web site designing; Jana Riess and Jane Friedman for their editing help and advice on how to execute this project; Jonathan Peace, my son, on the cover artwork; Jennifer Peace, my daughter, on her “About the Author” piece; William D. Peace Sr, my father, on his "A Footnote from Father" piece; Trinuch Chareon, my wife’s sister, for the cover design and business logo; Lau Wee Kiat for my Web site design; and for editing and pre-publishing services.

Special thanks and appreciation goes to P&G management for their thorough book review and strong endorsement. Without this, "Supply Chain Management: The Real WOW Factor" would not be a success.