Saturday August 17 , 2019


This book is dedicated to the unbelievably talented more than one hundred and thirty-eight thousand Procter & Gamble people working across one hundred and eighty countries around the world and the hundreds of people no longer with P&G who I had the privilege of working with during almost thirty-two years with the company. In my humble opinion, there is no better company in the world to work for.
Since retiring in March 2007, I have had the privilege of guest lecturing at MBA and executive MBA programs around the world, writing business articles for journals, and consulting with several companies and organizations. The more I talk about my experience with P&G, using stories to bring supply chain operation concepts and leadership/management experiences to life, I have realized the depth of knowledge and skills acquired during my career. I have also experienced a huge sense of pride through my clients’ respect for P&G that maybe I didn’t feel when I was with the company. They say the fish doesn’t see the water until it jumps out of it. I, too, have experienced this. Looking back into the fishbowl called P&G, I have a huge sense of pride in my career and the utmost respect for the people and company. To you, P&Gers, past and present, thank you so much for the memories. I dedicate this book to you.
To all who read this book, I hope it will bring some enjoyment, a little laughter, and a little inspiration while giving you a boatload of business wisdom for all your future career endeavors.